le chemin du colombier

The seigneury of the Chapel (original naming of place).

Do you know that our holiday cottages are installed at the heart of a seigneurial manor house the prestigious history of which goes back to more than 1000 years ?*

William of Freulleville and Godefrey his son, first owners of the place in the Middle Age, fought beside William the Conqueror in the battle of Hastings in 1066. So, the Conqueror offered them lands to Playden in England (Sussex).

Later, by 1190, Guillaume II de Freulleville participated in the 3rd crusade with Richard Coeur de Lion.

In 1789, Charles Dohin de la Goulerie, guard of king Louis XVI and Lord of Freulleville came to finish his days here, in the seigneury of the Chapel (original naming of place). He is buried in front of the village's church hall, and his grave is always visible... In all, from the year 1000, twenty two Lords all more prestigious some than the others, followed one another in this place with a vibrant history.

Complete history that you can discover from the documentation that we give all our hosts…. 25.00€ the book

* Author : Hervé Morisset, Freulleville, le Manoir du Val, 1000 ans d'histoire, HM editor, november 2017, 146 pages.

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